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Kurt Uwe Tasker Jens Kroeger

July 23, 1996 ~ January 31, 2018 (age 21)
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On Saturday October 21, 2017 at 10:04pm, Kurt Kroeger suffered a life-altering tragedy.
Born July 23, 1996, the only child of Armin Kroeger and Iris (Cluney) Kroeger, Kurt spent most of his early childhood in Angus, Ontario.  He was raised by his father who denied him nothing and by a stay-home mother who gave him everything.  At the time of his birth, he became the beloved little brother of an already grown sister, Christine Ross.  Kurt was being raised as a happy, spoilt, only child in Angus until 2008 when his world changed.
Kurt’s first real choice in life came at age 12 when he decided to live with his mother in Barrie, to remain close to his Barrie and Angus friends, rather than move with his father to Toronto.  But at this time in his life, Kurt also gained an extended family.  The MacMullin family gave Kurt older and younger brothers (Jason, Darcy, Bryan), younger sisters (Angelica, Sarah), and an additional mother–figure (Arlene).  Kurt split his time weekdays with his mother Iris and every-other-weekend plus holidays with his father Armin.  As the years passed, Kurt grew old enough to choose where and with whom to spend his time.  This was the time when friends became a more important part of Kurt’s life.
Kurt’s friendships were vast and his family abundant.  He was the youngest cousin in his mother’s family.  On her side, he had 2 nephews Cameron and Ethan, seven aunts (Barb, Judy, Heather, Una (deceased), Marilyn, Faye, Karen), three uncles (Marvin, Bruce, Ross), fourteen first cousins (Debbie, Lisa, Donna, Jill, Gary, Tammy, Scott, Ashley, Corey, Carolyn, Matthew, Jennifer, Joey, Crystal), and more second cousins.  His maternal Cluney family was very large.  The opposite size existed on his fraternal Kroeger side.  Kurt was very proud of his German heritage.  He was named after his opa Uwe and his fraternal uncle Jens.  His grandfather is the last Kroeger and had only two sons and one grandson/grandchild.  With the passing of Kurt, this marks the end of the Kroeger bloodline.  Kurt was the future possibilities for the Kroeger name.
Many of those who read this will already know Kurt’s decisions did not always have positive results.  He decided not to complete High School.  He had serious mishaps occur in both Barrie and Toronto while in the company of “friends”.  But Kurt never wavered from the value he placed in the importance of friendship and making his own decisions.  Life always continued.
Kurt’s second turning point in life occurred in October 2015, at age 19, when he moved out of his mother’s house.  His decision to remain in Barrie meant he was now living on his own for the first time in his life.  Kurt always remained emotionally close to his father.  Those who were close to Kurt have already warmly reached out to his family.  Thank you!  We also thank you for having been there for Kurt over the past three months.  We have seen all of you smother Kurt with love, hope, and prayers.  Thank you!  Thank you!
Living alone had resulted in many ups and downs. He had tattooed his inner right arm as a tribute to his beloved deceased Oma, Margot Kroeger.  He had learned to find happiness in work, relationships, and life.  He had the ability to do everything he wanted, the way he wanted, and with whom he wanted.  He had his life in front of him.  Kurt was never perfect, but he was human like the rest of us.
On a beautiful, warm, evening in October 2017, Kurt decided to go to Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt with friends.  Kurt continued to make his own decisions in life.  This day, he chose badly.  In an attempt to illegally run across five active lanes of traffic on Major MacKenzie Dr, Kurt was struck by a car and suffered irreparable brain damage.  Kurt can never change this decision.  None of us can change anything with the thought “if only?”  What’s done is done and can never be altered.  But we can learn from Kurt and try not to let his tragedy reoccur.  Kurt would never have wished this for himself or for anyone else.
On Wednesday January 31, 2018, at 9:35pm, Kurt Kroeger succumbed to the injuries he sustained on October 21, 2017.  After a 102 day battle for life, he passed away peacefully, surrounded by the love of his family and close friends, at Hospice Simcoe.  He is now at eternal rest with his beloved grandmother he lost just a few years ago.  RIP Kurt!  Gone too soon!
Please join together, with family and friends, in remembrance of Kurt Kroeger.  His mother Iris has planned a Celebration of Life in remembrance.  EVERYONE IS INVITED.
Date:  Friday, February 16, 2018
Time:  4:00pm-11:00pm
Place:  Royal Canadian Legion Branch #147
410 St Vincent St (near Hwy 400, entrance off Ferris Ln)
Since there is to be no funeral, the family is requesting, in lieu of flowers, you consider making a donation to Hospice Simcoe, Barrie, Ontario in memory of Kurt Kroeger.  This can be done by VISA online or in person at the Celebration of Life.  
Let us all spend one more time together remembering the life of Kurt Uwe Tasker Jens Kroeger.




Donations may be made to:

Hospice Simcoe
336 Penetanguishene Rd. R.R. #1 Barrie, ON L4M 7C2, AB
Tel: 1-705-722-5995
Web: https://www.hospicesimcoe.ca/donating/

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